The Wharton County Historical Commission is working on the following projects:

  • historic cemetery designation – Campo Santo Cemetery, Don-Tol,  – application submitted 3/24/2016.  The cemetery is located on CR 101 in southeast Wharton County.  According to County and family records and oral histories, 118 individuals of Mexican descent were buried in Campo Santo cemetery in Newgulf, the first being two-day old Ismael Ramirez, on March 31, 1927.
  • Glen Flora marker dedication – After construction of the Cane Belt Railroad, the town site of Glen Flora was established in 1898 on the east bank of the Colorado River, directly across from the Waterhouse pumping plant.  Glen Flora is a community with a long, rich history.
  • research on Payne Prison Farm, Wharton, in preparation for marker application.  John Payne Prison Farm was located on FM 3012 at Payne and Lane City Roads in Wharton County.  A variety of different crops was grown here, as well as chickens, turkeys, hogs, and cattle.  Not much is known about the prisoners.  If you have knowledge, please contact Pat Blair.
  • marker application Old Bethlehem Church, Don-Tol – submitted November 2016.  Old Bethlehem Baptist Church, located in far southeast Wharton County, was organized in 1885 by sharecroppers and the descendants of slaves who had worked the plantations and farms along Caney Creek.
  • restoration of Old Jerusalem Cemetery, Spanish Camp.  The Old Jerusalem Cemetery is located on four-and-a-half-acres on Peach Creek, one mile east of FM 640 in Spanish Camp.  The Cemetery was established in 1870 when The Jerusalem Baptist Church was built here.  Historic designation is done.  Restoration is next.
  • restoration of Wharton Cemetery, Wharton – ongoing – we’ve made some progress by removing dead trees.  The site, selected in 1866, when county commissioners appointed James Whitten to locate a site for a community cemetery, has been in continuous use ever since.  Earliest burial – 1843.
  • St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church historical marker – application approved 1/31/2017.  Officially established by Bishop Gregg as a church on May 5, 1867, the first church was constructed in 1898 and rebuilt in 1902. The “new” church was built in 1951.  Celebration of 150th anniversary planned for May 7, 2017.
  • War Between States Changed Texas Forever – Merle Reue Hudgins’ new book is expected in mid- to late-April.  The price is $75.   If the book is to be shipped, please add $10.  To order contact Wharton County Historical Commission at or download the order form on our “New Book” page.