Completed Projects:

(1) Installation and dedication of Glen Flora Historical Marker, 5/19/2018

Johnny Kunkel and Joe Rhodes pausing after installing the Glen Flora historical marker.  Thanks, guys, for a job well done!

(2) Installation and dedication of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church Historical Marker, 5/5/2018

New and Ongoing Projects: 

Wharton Training School (1896-1968) – Due to flooding during Hurricane Harvey and at other times, the school is scheduled for demolition (except for the historic center portion) in July 2018,

Tentative marker applications to be submitted in the fall 2018 round:

  • Louise State Bank Building (submitted by Joe Cardenas, Jr.)
  • Old Jerusalem Cemetery (submitted by Willie S. Giles)
  • Wharton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture (submitted by WCC & WCHC)
  • Wharton Journal-Spectator (submitted by WJ-S & WCHC)
  • Wharton Training School (submitted by Diane Dawson Bradley, et al.)

We are planning to apply for an historical marker for the Colorado River Bridge through TxDOT.

The status of other projects is as follows:

  • Dr. Gregg Dimmick, with translation assistance from our member Joey Cardenas, is documenting the experience of John Wharton, who was captured (along with 40 or more others) by Mexican “pirates” while on board a Texas ship near the Texas coast in around 1837.   There is much more to this story – stay tuned for updates.

New Books:

  • Glen Flora, An Historical Remembrance – published by Wharton County Historical Commission on the occasion of the dedication of an historical marker for Glen Flora.
  • War Between States Changed Texas Forever – Merle Reue Hudgins’ latest book was published in April 2017.  The price is $75, plus $10 to ship.  To order contact Wharton County Historical Commission at 979-532-2600.